Wednesday, April 6, 2011

001 - "What is this then.."

Ah, the sun rises for the first time on a new world.
The sun had begun to rise. I had to get to work quick and make sure I remembered everything for my first night. Most importantly I would need to gather a good amount of wood so I could make tools. It also wouldn't hurt to gather the saplings that the trees I'd be chopping down would drop. I needed to keep my eyes out for coal as well, though I could always make charcoal instead from some of the wood. It also wouldn't hurt to find some pigs or cows to kill for their spoils. It was time to get moving though, so I took a look around and decided to head Northwest first.

I see that clay right there.
I quickly grab the clay I pass by. The area to my right is actually a small body of water that loops around to where I want to set up camp for tonight. I cut down trees along the way, leaving the birch trees alone for now. Something about them makes me just feel like I should. I also pick up an egg, but find no chickens. In fact I don't find a single animal the entire way. Bit strange, but it doesn't matter too much. After a bit more walking, I finally arrive where I had intended.

Nice little hole in the wall.
 The are was even better than I expected, being a little extra dug out for me to start with. I did what I needed to though. Made a wood pickaxe, then stone to quickly hollow it out and get some materials. I also made a stone shovel, running into more dirt than stone in all reality. I knew I would want to start with dirt anyways, to give it that nice hidden from the outside feel. Thankfully I also hit a small deposit of coal. I quickly got all that and made some torches. I also constructed a chest and furnace while I was there, knowing they would be invaluable. I also took another look outside before it became night, deciding where I would be heading to to look for caves very soon.

Looks dangerous and full of promise.

[Rob's note: The texture pack I'm using is called Xaiwaker]


  1. i love how simple this game is and how addicted i get

  2. @Tristan: Yes, that is the beauty of the game. The simplicity.

  3. This makes me want to play this so bad. It is a cute enough game that I'd support them. I just don't have the time to game lately :/

    Nice post.

  4. i wish i had 20 bucks so i could start playing this +1

  5. oh man...i'm scared to start playing...might get addicted hahaha

  6. Wow, that sun actually looks nice there, not just 4 blocks! :D

  7. that is some awesome minecraft!

  8. Has anyone seen some of the levels where people make things like the Starship Enterprise?

    I saw a vid of that and lol'd hard.