Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome to.. MINECRAFT!

Randomly generated terrain. Oh yeah!

Ah yes, the wonderful world of Minecraft. Full of randomly generated terrain, pigs, cows, zombies, Creepers and just about whatever you can imagine building in a world full of cubes. I'm sure just about everyone has heard of it by now, but if not I'll give you a bit of info.

Basically you start the game by spawning randomly on a random map. You have nothing on you and need to get to work fast if you expect to start your first night. It all starts simply enough with you chopping down trees with your bare fists, working your way up to crafting wooden tools, then stone tools, then iron and ultimately getting precious diamonds from deep within your world.

A pig, sheep and tiny creeper in the back.
It doesn't just stop there however. There are over 70 types of blocks ranging from from 3 types of wood, to sand and sandstone, and even special blocks like Netherrack that can only be obtained from an alternate dimension of sorts ingame. There's really an endless amount of fun to be had, so long as you have the imagination and patience for it.

There goes /that/ forest..

I am of course barely scratching the surface of all that this game holds. My intent here is only to give you a small bit of info about this game to possibly pique your interest. There are far more videos on YouTube that will do a much better job of pitching this great game to you if you haven't checked it out yet (which I suggest you do!). It's still in Beta and available for about $20US @ Be warned that it will go up in price once it leaves Beta, so purchase early and save money. :P


  1. gotta love minecraft! welcome to the blogging world. following in hopes of some interesting posts :)

  2. MC is cute. I would prefer it to call of duty now-a-days to be quite honest. Competitive gaming (as competitive as pubs can get, that is) gets damned annoying after a while; I like the cooperative modes lately.

  3. Aw man, I have never played it! I wanna try it though, everyone talks about it. Supporting and following.

  4. Minecraft is addicting too. I have spent many, many, hours on this game.