Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hello World!

Hello all and welcome to my brand new blog. At the moment I have no general direction for it, so it is simply my daily rantings along with whatever I feel like putting up at the time I happen to be posting that day.

To start off, I'm just gonna advertise some LPers I like watching on YouTube. I say you definitely check them out if you're into that sort of thing. A lot of them play mainly Minecraft, but there are also some other good ones such as Oblivion IV, Fallout New Vegas and Theater of War 3: Korea.

quill18 - Fallout New Vegas, Civ 5 and quite a few other on-going and finished LPs.
GrimSkellington - Minecraft (The Adrift challenge map)
Bananapielord - Minecraft (Lots and lots of MC videos..)
DiplexHeatedHD - Shogun 2, Theater of War 3: Korea

If you guys are into LPs and the such, would definitely love some comments letting me know about some others.

Expect more from me soon. ,':]


  1. No worries here. Just created mine. Or rather.. Started becoming active haha.

  2. Hello. I hope to see plenty more from you in the future ^^

  3. Hi there. Just write anything you like :)

  4. def gonna be following this one, seems interesting :)

  5. Looks like I'll be sticking around for the Minecraft Lets Plays. :)

  6. Nice one. Good luck and keep on posting interesting material in a regular basis. In some time you will love what you´re doing.

  7. So....

    Who thinks those MC cows are sexy?